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My penis is Huge
2004-12-30 | 12:18 a.m.

Do you like to dance? Leon loves to freaking dance. Loves it. So I was out with some bitches the other night, Mandy and some Crack Whore�. So basically 2 crack whores when we head over to The Party Supply Liquor store right next to the junior high in the middle of a scenic toilet somewhere in the middle of Ohio. What kind of a place puts a Liquor store right next to a middle school, what kind of sense does that make? It�s like having sex with your mother, so I guess it makes perfect sense. Like breast feeding if you are a dirty blonde haired muscular left handed genius who makes people laugh with his wit, talent with photo shop, and beautiful body. Anyway you may be asking what a God like Leon is doing in Ohio. I have no idea, but he was there for the tang so lets not be judgmental.

Anyway, when we got there we ran into this�.. How do I say this and be politically correct, there was this fag midget that was giving me some bad attitude. Luckily he was just tall enough for me to give him some Nad attitude and we headed out the door into scenic downtown Franklin, Ohio with some wine coolers, a bottle of my favorite Malt beverage, and 5 packages of microwaveable popcorn. The ladies had to have their meals for the upcoming week and a half.

After about an hour of running we passed out on the porch of some burned out house. We awoke to the lovely sounds of a car stereo and I just had to stand and dance between the two of them. They requested the ever popular, �JT�s Gonna fuck your bottom� dance. I did it for about 9 seconds and then they jumped me. Ripped my clothes off and had their way with me. It was pretty sweet.

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